Santa's Red Letter

Santa's Black Coal

$9.95 + Free Delivery

Santa's Black Coal
Santa's Black Coal Santa's Black Coal Santa's Black Coal Santa's Black Coal

Know someone who's been naughty?

What better way to show that they've made the naughty list than by giving them a box of coal. Every lump of Santa's Black Coal coal delivers with...

  • a lump of midnight black coal, sealed with a dust-proof acrylic coating (about the size of a plum)
  • a quality black box (measuring 3.5 X 3.5)
  • hand tied and sealed with twine
  • official "mined in the North Pole" metallic seal
  • wrapped in black tissue paper for protection

Free Shipping

Delivery generally takes generally take from 5-7 days and is free. 

Unfortunately we are unable to send coal postmarked from the North Pole. Orders are shipped from our facilities and are send anonymously, without any indication of the sender. 

* Shipping is free though there is a additional $2 charge for international orders. Deadline for orders outside of the US is December 10th.


Want to send a message along with your lump of coal? Try 'Santa's Black Coal with a Note'.