Santa's Red Letter

The last day for North Pole delivery is Monday, December 11th

The Original Letter from Santa

Order deadline for North Pole delivery is December 11th!
Personalized Letters from Santa so realistic they will make even the biggest Santa Doubter think again. Add a certificate of Nice or Naughty, and you have the makings of a marvelous and memorable Christmas gift.

'believable' quality

Genuine Wax Seal

Genuine Wax Seal

Letters are sealed and stamped with a wax seal.
North Pole Postmark

North Pole Postmark

Every letter delivers with a North Pole Postmark. See how it works.
Individual Message

Individual Message

Personalize one of our templates or write your own.

Santa's Red Letters

The “Nice” Red Letters are for children and adults who have been trying their hardest (or at least gave a half-hearted effort) to be good this year and are deserving of recognition from Santa.

Santa's Black Letters

The “Naughty” Black Letters are for children and adults who need a reminder that Christmas is just around the corner, and lumps of coal are still in fashion.

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Sharla Grossie
"I came across Santa's Letter a few years ago and have been using them ever since. I love the look and authenticity; my kids really believe they're from Santa and look forward to receiving one each year. "

– Sharla Grossie

Hillary H.
"This is a wonderful service I've found just in time to start a new tradition with my infant daughter. The letter looks and feels so authentic! The seal is an added bonus! Such a beautiful letter to keep for her to look at in her later years. Will be coming back year after year for more letters from Santa."

– Hillary H.

Marianda Marshall
"My family received their first letter from Santa this past year, 2014. My (at the time) 2 year old was just getting introduced to Santa and what he was all about. It was so helpful to create this magical character for her with the letter. She grabbed it out of the mail and when I told her it was her own piece of mail from Santa she begged us to read it. My family will continue to buy letters each year - it is our new Christmas tradition."

– Marianda Marshall

Stephanie Davenport
"Last Christmas I ordered an adorable letter for my son. It arrived in a timely manner and When he received his letter that was addressed to him with an official North Pole stamp and from Santa, his eyes lit up so bright and put a huge smile on his face! Such a wonderful service! Looking forward to ordering again this year."

– Stephanie Davenport

Mandy B.
"I thought it was so magic with all the little details."

– Mandy B.

Trisha B.
"The grand kids loved the letters from Santa and they were so official looking with the seal on them."

– Trisha B.

Our C'l'ause

Buy a letter, give a gift. With every order we donate $1.00 to Toys for Tots; A charity whose mission is to help less fortunate children throughout the United States experience the joy of Christmas.
The Original Letter from Santa
The Original Letter from Santa

Secrecy Guaranteed

We swear to a strict code of secrecy, promising to keep the magic of Santa alive. We guarantee that every letter delivers with an authentic, believable experience.