Santa's Red Letter


Shipping (envelope) options

1. Free standard shipping (fast). Letters deliver with a faux North Pole postmark—but also may deliver with an additional official USPS postmark from shipping origin (in black). 

 2. $5 Anchorage, AK North Pole Postmark Shipping (Slower). Letters deliver with an official USPS North Pole postmark. Note: delivery times take from 7-14 days as the letters are shipped to Anchorage, AK where they receive a postmark and are rerouted to the recipient. 

3. $5 White Envelope delivery (Fast). Letters deliver with a faux North Pole postmark—enclosed in an official "Santa's Helper" white envelope which carries the USPS postmark of shipping origin. 

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Where are the letters postmarked from?

What if my letter hasn't arrived yet?

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