About us

 Now in our 9th year, we started Santa’s Red Letter in 2014 while looking for creative and unique ways to add a little more Christmas ‘magic’ to our growing family. 

For us the “magic” of Christmas was always more than gift giving, tinsel laden trees and an endless supply of treats. The magic was manifest in creating memories, experiences that transcend our everyday human experience—that peculiar mix of emotions that combine in a unique way to make Christmas, Christmas. 

One of our favorite traditions is gift wrapping. Not the perfectly folded, clean cut precision gift wrapping you find at a mall—rather it’s wrapping that often involves several rolls of Duct Tape, multiple boxes, clues, boobie traps and the occasional bag of concrete. Often the wrapping ends up costing more than the gift itself. But the experience—the time, effort and attention to detail, the difficulty in unwrapping—is priceless. It the love that is shared, the time that is given, the memories that are built. It’s those things that make Christmas, Christmas. 

We try and do the same with Santa’s Red Letter. Over the years, we’ve been encouraged by business influencers to automate more of the process, dumb it down, remove things that are time intensive, like the wax seal or outsourcing the printing to bulk handlers.

We haven’t though. Part of it is that we want to preserve the core of why we started this, creating an authentic memorable experience. The other part though is because that ‘core’ is part of us. Getting the shop up and creating the letters ourselves is a labor of love. It’s become part of our own family Christmas tradition. And although, we have grown and changed (both in business and family) we want to make sure that we never lose that ‘magic.’ 

Our little family has changed, adapted, struggled and grown over the years since we started this venture. I think most families have and will. Traditions though are the threads that weave us all together. 

Thank you for including us in the start of your own traditions. 


Merry Christmas