Questions & Answers

We've tried to answer as many questions as we could, right here. If there's something missing or you're still unsure send an email to us at and we'll get back you as fast as we possibly can – we promise!

Santa's Letters

How long will it take for my letter to arrive?
Orders shipped via 'Standard North Pole Delivery' take between 7-14 days to deliver once they are mailed. We strive to get your letters out as quickly as we can, but it can take a few days to get them ready to ship. They  are shipped from our location to the USPS Anchorage Alaska facility, where they receive a North Pole postmark before being shipped to your address.

Our locationNorth Pole (Anchorage, Alaska)Your location

Orders shipped via 'White Envelope Delivery' take between 5-7 days to deliver once they are mailed. They are shipped in a white 'Santa's Helpers Envelope' directly to the address provided. 

Our location ⟶ Your location

Orders are guaranteed to deliver before Christmas or you'll receive a full refund. 

Do you offer express shipping?
Yes we do. To request express delivery simply write "White Envelope Delivery" in the notes section at checkout. This usually takes between 5-7 days to deliver once they are mailed. We provide this service free of charge. Note that orders using the white envelope delivery will receive a counterfeit North Pole postmark. Read more about how this works.
Note that any order placed after December 10th will receive our White Envelope delivery.

What is white envelope express delivery?
All orders using this form of delivery arrive in a white envelope bearing the return address as being from 'Santa's Helpers'. They are shipped directly from our location to the address provided. Inside the white envelope is your letter bearing a counterfeit USPS North Pole postmark. We simply bypass the real North Pole USPS postmark by stamping it ourselves, placing it in a white envelope and send it directly to your address. See how it works.

Our locationYour location

White envelope delivery usually takes between 5-7 days to deliver once they are mailed and is free of charge. All orders placed after Dec. 11th will be shipped via this method. 

What if my letter hasn't arrived yet?
First, review your order to make sure the delivery address provided is a valid postal address and is correct. Second, look at when the order was placed. Orders placed before the end of November usually won't arrive before the first week of December (unless a white envelope express service was requested). If everything looks correct then please contact us at providing us with your name and order number. We will verify that the letter was shipped, and if necessary, rush through a replacement.

Occasionally (though rare) letters do get lost or delayed in the mail. If you suspect this might be the case contact us at and we will rush you a replacement.

All orders are guaranteed to deliver by Christmas or you will get a full refund.

Do you provide tracking numbers?
Unfortunately we are unable to track letters after they reach the USPS Alaska facilities (where they receive their North Pole postmark).

Our locationNorth Pole (Anchorage, Alaska)Your location

The shipping address has my name on it. Will the letter be addressed to me or my child?
We make sure that every letter is addressed to the recipient on the order, so if you've put your child's name on the order, the letter is addressed to your child (or spouse, or friend, etc.).

What shipping method do you use?
All letters are shipped via USPS first-class mail and USPS first-class international.

When is the deadline for Christmas delivery?
To ensure delivery by Christmas orders must be placed by December 15th.

Will my name be on the letter as the sender? Will my child know it came from me?
All of our letters come from Santa Claus and the purchaser is not mentioned on the letter or envelope.

Can I order different letters for children in the same family?
Yes. We have many beautifully written letters you can choose from, or you may select the "Write your Own Letter" option and craft your own custom message from Santa. Each child is guaranteed a unique experience.

Can I order a letter in a language other than English?
Yes, sí, oui, ja, 是... To request this simply select "write your own letter" and write your letter in whatever language you want. Though make sure and check for errors because we might not be able to.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes we do, and the shipping is free. We are located in the US so please allow extra time in the delivery of your letters. International delivery ends December 10th. 

What payment methods do you accept?
All major credit cards and Paypal.

Can I preview my letter(s) before you send it?
Unfortunately we are unable at this time to offer an automatic preview option. That being said we meticulously read each letter to ensure legibility, spelling and messaging is accurate.

When I write my own letter(s) will the paragraphs be spaced as I originally wrote them?
Yes, sometimes you will not see the paragraph formatting in the cart at checkout but we see it on our side and make sure the paragraphs are formatted correctly.

What if I never received a confirmation email?
First check your spam folder for the order confirmation email. Second, if that doesn't work, simply reach out to us at and we can resend it.