Press Release - 2016

Santa’s Red Letter:  What if Santa wrote back?

Personalised Letters from Santa so realistic they’ll convince even the most skeptical child.


Salt Lake City, Utah, November 2016 -- 'Don't’ stop believin'. Not only a good tune but the mantra of the folks at Santa’s Red Letter, who’ve created letters from Santa so authentic and believable you might start to wonder...

“Parents today are looking for ways to bring the magic and wonder back into Christmas.” Explains Crystal Stapley, Co Founder of Santa’s Red Letter. “A holiday that used to be filled with homemade popcorn strings, cold noses and caroling has been replaced with heavy marketing and over-commercialization.”

“We started Santa’s Red Letter because we were simply looking for a new holiday tradition, something to make Christmas a little more meaningful. After a question from our then six year old as to why Santa didn’t write back we thought, well why doesn’t he? So that year we created the first letter from Santa and our little boy loved it. Fast forward to today and we’ve been blown away by the response. People from all over the world have started sending letters to their own children as part of a new family tradition.”

Press printed on beautiful parchment letterhead, with Santa’s own signature in gold foil, these letters will make even the biggest Santa Doubter think again. Add a certificate of Nice or Naughty, and you have the makings of a marvelous and memorable Christmas gift.

Choose from two categories of letters to match any kind of person. The “Nice” Red Letters are for children (or adults or groups) who have been trying their hardest to be good this year, or have done an act of service that deserves recognition from Santa.

The Black “Naughty” Letters, however, are for children and adults (or brother-in-laws or bosses) needing a reminder that Christmas is around a corner, and lumps of coal are still in fashion.

Letters range from gentle and concerned to funny and caustic. is a clever way to spread Christmas cheer and even startle a non-believer. Best of all, $1 from each letter is donated to the Toys for Tots, so not only does your letter give someone you know a great Christmas memory, but also helps provide a gift for a deserving child you don’t know.

All letters deliver with:

  • a real North Pole postmark (we actually send it to Alaska to get an official USPS stamp) - see how it works
  • a wax seal bearing Santa's emblem
  • press printed, quality stationery with "From the Desk of Santa" letterhead
  • individualized message with custom text
  • quality envelope addressed directly to recipient
  • a gold embossed Santa signature


Product Reviews

“Absolutely wonderful letters. My children love them. They look so authentic.” -- Tina, Lawrence

“Receiving a letter directly from Santa and postmarked North Pole was the highlight for my son! He couldn't tell enough people about it.” -- Rhonda, Calgary

“The letters were so authentic and real, even my dubious 8 year old was excited to open his! Another year of Santa magic for us!” -- Brittany, Toleto

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