Bad News

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Dear 1 Ellie,

Thank you for sending me your Christmas List, but I have a bit of bad news. Ok, a lot of bad news.

1 Ellie, you’re on the Naughty List.

Why? Because 2 you made fun of the new girl at school, and won’t let anyone sit with her at lunch. Yes, we saw that.

And there are a few more things you’ve done, but I won’t write them because a parent might read this, and you don’t need any more trouble now, do you?

Let’s just say, I can’t bring you any presents if things don’t change.

It’s not too late. You can still get on the Nice List, and here’s how: 3 Apologize to the new girl. Invite her to sit with you at lunch, and sincerely try to be nice to her. I know that deep down you can be a really great kid, and I want to help you have a wonderful Christmas. So what do you say—can you make it on to the Nice List by Christmas? I’m betting all my candy canes that you can!

I’m watching and cheering for you, 1 Ellie. Let’s see some Nice List behavior from now until Christmas Eve!

Santa Claus
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Judi DeShane