Diamond Ring

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INSTRUCTIONS: Simply replace the # RED text with your own using the form on the right. Don't worry, we'll removed the color and change the font to Santa's handwriting on the final letter.

Dear 1 Craig,

Oh dear. You’re in a pile of reindeer droppings, my friend.

Yes, I know what you did. You 2 went hunting instead of visiting your parents like you told Crystal you would. Come on, 1 Craig. I thought you’d grown up and out of this kind of trouble. But I guess not. Remember that incident when you were nine years old? Well, this was worse, my friend.

You’ve made the Naughty List.

Now, you need to find a way back on to the Nice List before Christmas, and here’s what you can do: 3 Buy Crystal a diamond ring for Christmas.

It’s the only way, 1 Craig. There’s still time to redeem yourself, and to avoid waking up to a lump of coal on Christmas morning that you need to explain to everyone. I’ve been known to occasionally leave an explanatory note as to why that’s all you’re getting. You don’t want to risk that, now do you? Could be embarrassing. Worse than that time in junior high; you know the incident I’m talking about.

I believe in you, 1 Craig. Do the right thing, and let’s get you back on my Nice List!

Santa Claus
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"My daughter is 24. Out of all the presents she received she said this one was the most memorable! Brought back the real spirit of Christmas for her. We need to bring back those wonderful innocent childhood memories. Isn't that was Christmas is all about."

Judi DeShane