Reindeer Giggles

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Dear 1 Hans,

Merry Christmas from the North Pole! Yes, this really is Santa Claus, and do you know why I’m writing? Because you have been so good this year, I just couldn’t wait until Christmas Day to let you know.

I’ve been so proud of you, especially when you 2 donated some of your toys . When good children do something like that, everyone up here is excited, especially Dasher. He starts dashing around like a crazy reindeer (that’s how he got his name), until he knocks into Comet who crashes into Blitzen.

Don’t worry, no one gets hurt. They just slide around on the ice until they’re a pile of antlers and legs and giggles. Yes, reindeer giggle. It sounds like squeaky water balloons and a polar bear coughing.

So thank you for giving us such a happy day up here, and I promise you Christmas Day will also be a happy one for you. Keep up the great work, 1 Hans!

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"My daughter is 24. Out of all the presents she received she said this one was the most memorable! Brought back the real spirit of Christmas for her. We need to bring back those wonderful innocent childhood memories. Isn't that was Christmas is all about."

Judi DeShane