Bringing Joy to Children

This year we are glad to, again, kick off our campaign for Toy for Tots. We are donating $1 of every letter sold to this amazing Charity who's mission is to "bring the joy of Christmas to less fortunate children". And they have been doing it for over 66 years!

To share a personal story... When I was 11 years old my Father began losing his eyesight. It gradually got worse until he was no longer able to do much work in construction. Lets just say he smashed his fingers with hammers a little more often. Hoping for better opportunities elsewhere, he packed up his family of 7 and moved us all to the cloudy state of Washington. We spent that summer hopping from campground to campground while he looked for work that could support his large family. Eventually he was able to land a job and we moved into a small rental just before the cold set in. Not able to afford much more than rent, food and toilet paper, I saw my parents struggle with the prospect of a very sparse Christmas. 

There we were, strangers in a new town and a new home with no friends and Christmas fast approaching. Christmas Eve came and we heard a knock at the door. Running to the door I was surprised to find a a fireman standing there with a large cardboard box. Behind him were three other firemen with other boxes. We welcomed them in and soon discovered that the boxes held all sorts of carefully wrapped gifts. To be honest I don't remember what the gifts were. What I do remember, and what I will always cherish, is the kindness, charity and love that I felt from complete strangers that night. 

This is part of the reason why we decided to team up with Toys for Tots. This is a organization that was built around bringing joy to children who are less fortunate. Just like we were. Every child deserves to feel loved and special, especially around Christmas. 


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