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Hall of Shame


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Dear 1 Richard,

1 Richard, Richard, Richard.

I thought I was finished with you back in middle school after that little incident, as we’ll call it, put you in the Naughty List “Hall of Shame”.

Mrs. Claus was feeling faint for days after that. The elves could scarcely read the board without blushing, and I’ve never quite gotten over just how naughty a teenage 2 boy could be.

Until now.

Oh, 1 Richard. As a grown-up, you’re even worse. You’ve blown it, big time.

Now, you’re far too large to throw over my knee for a well-deserved spanking (besides, those have been outlawed). But I have to tell you, the Hall of Shame Board got a new entry with your name on it (again). While I wasn’t too surprised, poor Mrs. Claus certainly was, and she’s been downing hot cocoa like there’s no tomorrow. Which, if you continue in your ways, there likely won’t be.

This is a warning, 1 Richard. I have connections. I also have a lot of coal with your name on it. Remember, I’m watching you . . . probably along with several government agencies.

Santa Claus
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Customer Reviews

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Santa's Red Letter
Kate Mentzer

Got several letters over the years. They look beautiful!! I love that you can add personal stuff to templated letters or a blanket to fill up yourself. They look soooo real. Love all these products!!

Santa's Red Letter
Katrina Vlaz

They always make the letters look so authentic and check every detail. They are beautifully made and look as if Santa really does send them off from his desk.

Santa's Red Letter
Rebecca Johnson

I have been using red letter for years! The quality is fantastic and utterly believable. My children are full of awe every time they receive a letter and truly believe it is from MR C himself. Highly recommend.

Santa's Red Letter
Emily Watson

Wonderful! Very authentic! Makes a child’s Christmas magical!

Santa's Red Letter
Dana Morrison

Made my daughter so happy to get the letter.

Santa's Red Letter
Donna James

This was a great experience for our daughter and we will do it again.

Santa's Red Letter
Susie DeRousie

Magical and high quality!

I have been Santa's red letter, as well as other North pole "mail" services for year with my children, and have since passed on to other parents as well... it continues to be one of the best sites to keep the Christmas magic alive

Santa's Red Letter
Jacqueline O.

I have been purchasing Santa read letters for the last at least six years! I love them they’re done so professionally well that I can never go to another company. My kids faces are so excited when I see them in the mailbox.