Santa's Red Letter

Reindeer Droppings

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INSTRUCTIONS: Simply replace the # RED text with your own using the form on the right. Don't worry, we'll removed the color and change the font to Santa's handwriting on the final letter.

Dear 1 Sally,

Santa here, writing to you from the North Pole, and I’m sorry to say that the Naughty alarms were blaring recently. You should have seen poor Rudolf, dropping his . . . well, let’s just call them droppings everywhere because he hates that “OOO-aahh!” noise.

And do you know why the alarms were blaring? Yes, I’m afraid it was you.

Now 1 Sally, I know you are capable of so much more. Deep down you’re a good child, and there’s still time. You can still make it back on to my Nice List by 2 not lying about doing your homework.

Come on, 1 Sally—make me proud again! Because if you keep alarming Rudolf, I might not bring you a bag of coal on Christmas Eve, but a bag of Rudolf’s donations instead. While they may look like chocolate-covered raisins, they are not. Believe me, they are not.

Let’s makes this a merry Christmas; not a messy one.

Santa Claus
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With every order we donate $1.00 to Toys for Tots; A charity whose mission is to help less fortunate children throughout the United States experience the joy of Christmas.