Santa's Red Letter

White Envelope Delivery

SantaWhite envelope delivery is an expedited shipping option for those in a rush. 

Here's how it works

Rather than mailing your letter to Alaska (where it usually receives its official USPS North Pole postmark) we stamp it with our own 'counterfeit' North Pole postmark, place it in a white Santa's Helpers envelope and then send it directly to the address given.

Instead of taking 7-14 days, white envelope shipping usually takes only 5-7 days to deliver. Any orders placed after December 10th will receive White Envelope delivery. 

Normal Delivery:

Our locationNorth Pole (Anchorage, Alaska)Your location  (7-14 days)

White Envelope Delivery

Our location Your location (5-7 Days)

 White Envelope


How real does the 'counterfeit' postmark really look? It's virtually indistinguishable from the real USPS North Pole postmark.

Why do you ship the letters inside a white envelope? Simple. To maintain the secrecy. We don't want the letter having any sign that it came from anywhere but the North Pole. So we place it inside a white envelope so it doesn't receive any revealing, unintentional postmarks. 

What does the return address say on the white envelope? The return address simply says, "From Santa's Helpers" and is addressed to the recipient. 

How much extra does it cost? Nothing, nada, 没什么. 

How Do I request White Envelope Delivery? Simply write "White Envelope" in the notes at checkout to request this expedited delivery service. Orders placed after December 6th will automatically be shipped via this service.