Busy Elves

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Dear 1 Amanda,

Merry Christmas!

I am sitting at my desk looking out a frosted window at all the elves rushing about the workshop getting presents ready for this Christmas. There are elves building all the toys, others wrapping and there are even elves in charge of tying the ribbon for good little boys and girls. Ho, Ho ho, its a merry sight to see and I think one just went by with the name 1 Amanda 2 Barnes on it, looks like you've been good this year.

I’ve been checking my list and checking it twice only to notice that you have been a good 3 girl this year. I am very proud of you. I love bringing toys to little children who are kind to others, listen to their parents and do their chores. I know that the elves are making something very special for you, I am sure you are going to love it.


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"My daughter is 24. Out of all the presents she received she said this one was the most memorable! Brought back the real spirit of Christmas for her. We need to bring back those wonderful innocent childhood memories. Isn't that was Christmas is all about."

Judi DeShane