8 Ways to Plant Santa Evidence

8 Ways to Plant Santa Evidence

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If you look back hard enough I’m sure you remember a time when Santa was real, reindeers actually flew and abominable snowmen fought dentists in the North Pole. Though today’s children are getting smarter and smarter there are still some ways that you can stoke that fire of Christmas belief. here are our top ideas for planting evidence sure to convince even your most doubtful child.

Nordad Santa Tracker  --  Embrace technology and gather around the computer or your mobile device this Christmas Eve. Visit http://www.noradsanta.org and track Santa’s whereabouts with the official Norad Santa Tracker. Not only can you see a live world map of Where Santa is delivering presents, you can use it as an incentive for your young ones to head to bed as Santa gets closer. After all they won’t want him to pass them by because they were awake.


Santa’s Wrapping paper --  One tradition that we began early on in our family was wrapping all the presents that came from Santa in a different wrapping paper than the rest. Choose something timeless like a simple white paper or even visit your local craft store for some brown craft paper. Avoid the generic paper and something they have already seen.


Jingle Bells -- Remember back when you were a kid and trying so hard to sleep on Christmas Eve yet you couldn’t quite turn your mind off? Now that your an adult you can have a little fun with this. Before tucking your children away in bed remind them that they need to stay in their beds or Santa might pass them by. Find some jingle bells and go outside, out of view of any window, and give them a good ring. If you time it just right, you will give them a memory they will never forget.


Cookies for The Big Guy -- A classic tradition that never loses it’s magic. Make it even more special by having your child help make, bake and plate the cookies. This will give them a sense of accomplishment and help them feel like they are helping Santa out. Make sure to add a glass of cold milk and even a letter of thanks to let your child show their gratitude. Parents,  don’t forget to leave only a few crumbs on the plate to show how much Santa enjoyed the late night snack.

Tip: Make sure to find a cookie recipe that Mom and/or Dad enjoy as they rest from their late night wrapping labors.


Reindeer Food -- Santa gets cookies but what about those flying reindeer? After all, pulling a sleigh loaded with millions of toys and a fat man in a read suit can be tiring. You can easily make a batch of reindeer food with oatmeal or granola. Even add a dash or two of candy sugar sprinkles to make it even more magical. (Be careful to not use glitter as they can be dangerous to young ones or pets).

Once you Reindeer food is mixed up go with your child outside and sprinkle it on the ground around the house. Tell them that Santa’s reindeer need a healthy snack too because of the long journey they make.


Photograph Santa -- If you are feeling just a little creative and have access to any image editing software try this little tip for planting undeniable evidence that Santa exists. After the tree is all decorated and the presents are arranged just how you want them, take a picture of the entire setup. Load this image into photoshop or any other image editing software and then search google images for a photo of santa that looks believable. Drop this image in, cut out santa from the background and overlay it on your room image. Add a filter or two and walla! You can print it out or upload it back to your camera for evidence that Santa was indeed at your house.



Santa Tracks -- Christmas Eve, find some boots and leave some dirty boot-prints around the tree. This will give your child undeniable evidence that Santa visited your home.


Send a Letter postmarked from the North Pole -- Send your child a personalized letter from Santa and have it arrive postmarked with a real North Pole postmark. Use a service like santasredletter.com or if your feeling crafty, follow this how to guide and send your own letter. Nothing will establish the truth of Santa like your child receiving a letter addressed to them from the North Pole.


Let us know your tips for planting Santa evidence...


Dec 02, 2018 • Posted by Laura

Last year Santas sleigh made some skid marks in our driveway thanks to some charcoal. Kids loved it!!!

Jan 10, 2014 • Posted by Sherry

First I have to say “what an awesome idea you had about sending letters back to the kids”

When my kids were much younger we had a fireplace at our house, so while they were sleeping I took my husbands work boots and stuck them in the ashes and made a trail from the fireplace to the tree. When the kids saw the footprints they were really excited

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